Top Chef Day


  1. Shine the spotlight on staff members during talent week or even Cinco de Mayo
  2. Send out invitations to staff members around campus, encouraging them to sign up in making SALSA and/or GUACAMOLE
  3. Make social media fliers/fliers around campus to promote what event & when the event is happening
  4. Make props & get decorations (EX: Chile peppers with their names on it, sombreros, mustaches, pop up tents, tables, bowls/bags for chips, bags of tortilla chips, gloves to dish out chips, table covers, etc.)
  5. Set up sound where the event will be held and create a Spanish playlist to play
  6. Set up tables and tents where the teachers will be dishing out their salsa/guac
  7. Make score sheets and hand out to students as they get their chips- they check which staff member’s salsa/guac they enjoyed the most
  8. Get a gift card to a Mexican restaurant for the winner


  1. Staff gets the spotlight shone on them as students appreciate their salsa/guac and the staff can keep their special chiles
  2. The winner gets a free gift card to a place to eat


  1. Clean up
  2. Send thank you cards to staff members that contributed
  3. Return any tables/tents that were used