Talent Week / Art Festival / Concert in the Greek


  1. Create ways to connect with ALL students on campus and their talents by making days specifically dedicated to them (EX: Kendama Battle Day, Art Festival/Chalk Off/Singing/Mic Drop/Chef Day/Talent Show)
  2. Give staff the opportunity to judge different days(- such as chalk off, talent show, etc.)
  3. Decide a week for the talent week- create a theme for any art days
  4. Make posters/fliers/social media posts on when the day is/where to sign up/what the activities are/how many people are included in the event/where the event will be held
  5. Have a sign up date for students to sign up for their talent days they would like to participate in
  6. Reach out to students on campus by handing out invitations to special events(EX: Talent Show)
  7. Create backdrops for any events and get supplies for the talent days; set up each day


  1. Students participate in events that show off their talents by: battling opponents with kendamas, showing art pieces on display, creating designs with chalk on sidewalk-decide a winner, singing their favorite songs, make different foods for students to try-decide a winner, show off all talents at the talent show- winner gets a prize(the students can represent their class/club)


  1. Clean up after events
  2. Send thank you cards to any judges