My name is Stephen Amundson, I am the creator of Four Seasons of ASB.  The purpose of this site is to equip and inspire others in the area of leadership development.

My goal is to create content that inspires you to lead well.  If you are in a position of leadership or aspire to be, then this site is for you.

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Four Seasons of ASB and other presentations at:

  • MASC Advisors Leadership Retreat
  • CADA State Convention
  • CADA Summer Camps
  • Southern Region Student Wellness Conference
  • AREA C CADA Student Leadership Conference
  • NCYLS Conference
  • HOBY NorCal
  • Southern Region Wellness Conference
  • Tulare County Youth Leadership Conference
  • Santa Clarita Youth Summit
  • Anaheim School District Leadership Conference
  • Central California Boys & Girls Club Leadership Training
  • Step Up Youth Leadership Summit
  • Over 50 schools throughout California

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