19 thoughts on “Honor & Legacy

  1. Caleb

    This, to me, means that you have to understand and learn from those that came before… Look at the past, see their mistakes and their successes and then leave your impact on the world so that future people may look to you and learn from your mistakes and successes.


    • Kate Nicholson

      As a leader I want to honor my mom, former Tulare Western ASB president, who has truly shaped me into the person I am today and I want to leave a legacy with my brother who will be coming to TW after I graduate.


  2. Jadyn

    Me as a leader, someone I need to honor is my older sister, Savannah. Who I looked up to and was taken care by all those earlier year. Someone I plan to leave my legacy to is my little brother, Brody.


  3. Annabelle

    This quote means that we as leaders need to learn from the leaders before us, their mistakes and their accomplishments. To make our own legacy for the leaders to come. Therefor they can learn from our mistakes and our accomplishments in order to help them make their own legacys.


  4. Tatyanna

    Someone I would Honor is my older brother. He showed me it is okay to make mistakes, later on you’re going to have to learn from it and become successful because of it. I plan to leave my legacy to my cousin because if they want to get involve they need to get out of their comfort zone, be more outgoing and involve like me.


  5. sarahwilbur

    I need to honor Kelly (basically ASB legend, graduated when we were freshies), for contributing all of the different things that she “added to the slide” or took the initiative to start something that had never been done before! The hard work, commitment, and passion that she had for ASB and our school really took ASB to another level. I think we all need to honor any past ASB leader who “left a legacy” for us since we’re able to be recognized and value from all that they left behind! I need to leave a legacy for every leader that comes in and out of TWASB after me because I want to be someone who has left a legacy that can not be forgotten! I want to leave my mark on Western through my hardwork, commitment, and passion for ASB!!


  6. Wyatt G.

    As a leader, someone I honor is Shaq Webster. He is the most influential guy outside my family, he’s like a brother to me. No matter what he’s always trying his best to be there and leaves a smile on my face no matter what mood I’m in. He’s taught me it’s ok to be myself and to roll with things and to make it special in my own way. A legacy in must leave behind is to Raul Mancilla’s little brother that dude is full of spirit. I’m sure he gets help from his older brother and it shows. That little man left a smile on my face after meeting him and I instantly knew he’s going places in life with his positive and reviving attitude.


  7. Ivangelina Alonzo

    As a leader I definatley honor Sarah Wilbur not only as a leader but a person in general. She’s always willing to help with whatever needs to be done and is always on the move for bigger and better things. She will defiantly leave a great legacy on our campus and who ever our next coming asb president is will have a HUGE pair of shoes to fill!


  8. Idaly

    this quote to me means, appreciate those before us who have created a ground for us to start and learn off of. this is an example of a leader who’s impact has empowered or inspired those after themselves. when i think of inspiration and hardwork i think of my dad and mom who’s left and continues to impact a big part of my life.


  9. Meghan Oliveira

    For me, as a leader, I truly believe my parents are my greatest role models. They have not only taught me that mistakes happen, but what you learn and take from them is essential. In many ways they have taught me that giving up isn’t the answer and have helped me get through things I could have never done on my own. A legacy I’d like to leave behind is to my younger brothers and sister as well as future ASB leaders. I want them to understand that they can make a difference and be who they want to be as long as they are willing to go through the process.


  10. Geri Casana

    This means as a new leader we have to look at the leaders before us, look at their mistakes and their steps to achievement. Make new decisions to get a different outcome and if it fails at first it will give other leaders experience on how to change that outcome. As a leader we should make choices that will not only benefit us but also the ones who will come after we leave, to help pave a road for their future success.


  11. Savannah

    This quote means that you need to honor appreciate who came before you and how they paved the way and helped you. I need to honor the classes before us that worked and helped us where we are today in terms of being recognized for our accomplishments. I need to leave a legacy by adding to the slide and helping the asb classes to come.


  12. kendallford

    This quote means to me as a leader, is that in order to become more successful I must learn from the leaders who have left TW and even the adults who have left a mark on me. I must honor them, the captains, the speakers, and those who have spoken out as a leader in order to understand what steps need to be taken to be as successful as them and hopefully learn from their unsuccessful mistakes. By honoring their legacies and forming them into something I can use everyday as a leader I am able to leave my own legacy on to younger leaders (sophomores, freshmen or even younger students) who will also be inspired to continue to hand down the legacy to the next leaders. By continuing to educate ourselves as leaders and learning from those who have experience that are successful, we are able to set the pathway for those to come.


  13. Nick R.

    The quote means we should honor those who have cleared the path for you to take and do so for those who shall come after you. I honor my mother, Jennifer Lambert. She has always been supportive of my future in ASB and in life as well. And the legacy I leave, will be for the next generation of ASB students that will endure Highschool just as I have. I will keep watering to make my legacy grow nor for me, because it’s not about me….its about those who will follow me.


  14. Madelyn

    This quote means that a leader should honor the achivements and mistakes the leaders before us left for us to learn and grow from, and as leaders ourselves to make our own legacy and let the ones to come learn off of our achivements and mistakes.


  15. Alexandria

    In my opinion this quote means that the key to being the best leader possible is by not being able to classify yourself as just a partial piece to a story. Be someone to look up to and honor and put effort in to leave a legacy. You must show your appreciation to those to HONOR for their hard work permitting you to the path of a leader. Then do your own work to be the best leader you can be from learned experience of previous leaders, and an example to future leaders so that the LEGACY has no end. I would say that the ones I must honor are my parents since they have paved the way to my success and potential as a leader and I wish to leave a legacy for the next leaders incoming to Western and younger people around our community.


  16. Cambria

    I look up to my mother, Lorrie. She came before me, and has taught me everything I need to know in life, because she became before me, and has learned a lot. I should honor her, because she has done a lot to shape me into becoming an even better person. I need to leave a legacy for my brother, and teach him things to help him in the future.


  17. Sydney Hodson

    As a leader of Tulare Western, I honor Sarah Wilbur because she is always willing to help others and she works hard to improve ASB. Also she is a pretty awesome person! I would leave my legacy to Tulare Western students, future and present, so they can have positive experiences from high school.


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