WISH Project

What an amazing week!  Are you looking for a great way to INCLUDE all students on your campus?  Have you considered doing a WISH WEEK with your Special Ed students?  Check out WISH WEEK below and hopefully be inspired!!!!

  1. Elizabeth and Sergio’s WISH was to be in the school newspaper. They were definitely recognized in the TW Stampede News..but this wasn’t big enough for us. We decorated the most common wall on campus with huge banners expressing how amazing these kids are.
  2. Josue’s WISH to be apart of TW soccer. He got to have Taco Bell for lunch with the team then played soccer on campus for the rest of the period with those guys.
  3. Jamal’s WISH was to participate in an art class. He unfortunately faced an asthma attack the night before his WISH was to come true. His art class has been postponed to a time where he’s feeling better.
  4. Arianna and Yasenia had a WISH to shop in the outlet center with some friends. They spent ALL of 3rd period at Tulare Outlets with a few leadership students, trying on fun stuff and taking funny pictures.
  5. Savannah had the WISH to sing with the school choir. She was enrolled in Mrs. Bryant’s 3rd period choir class for the day! Ending class with a solo.
  6. Jasmine and George both had a WSH of having In N Out for lunch. They had just that while watching an encouragement video made up of students on campus who have built a relationship with each of these amazing kids.
  7. Maria and Henry had the WISH of taking a cooking class. With the help of Mrs. Chester’s Intro To Foods class, they made American Goulash.
  8. Joey’s WISH was to simply be apart of campus security for the day. He had the opportunity to drive around in the security cart for a while and earned his officer “badge”.
  9. Justin’s WISH was to have lunch from somewhere off campus with some friends. He enjoyed his time with Danny and Josh (leadership students), but seems to enjoy his Carls Jr. the most!
  10. Jesus’s WISH was to play basketball with the varsity team. We ordered hay and borrowed hoops to create a court in the middle of campus for his wish to come true!
  11. Elijah’s WISH was to be the DJ for lunch. He rocked his DJ booth all lunch period long. Especially with his sweet “DJ Elijah” t-shirt.
  12. Ivory’s WISH was to be apart of the cheer team. She was definitely a cheerleader for the day, bow/sweatshirt/pom-poms and all!
  13. Our WISH for Mrs. Chester, Special Day Class Advisor, was to recognize her with some of her favorite people..her students, teacher aides, and student aides! We surprised her by hiding her students in the Corral (ASB room) until she found us all in there! Then we watched a video put together of people appreciating all that they’ve done for them.

Here is a great way to reach all students on your campus.  Our ASB leaders created a list of “wishes” that they gave to 12 of our Resource Students.  These students were asked to put their name next to their wish and our ASB students will make it happen.


  • Go Off Campus for Lunch
  • Halftime Basketball Shot
  • Have a Pizza Party
  • Be On Soccer Team for a Game
  • Lunch with the Principal
  • Be in the School Newspaper
  • Play Music at Lunch
  • Spend Lunch with the Soccer Team
  • Sing A Long with Choir
  • Ride Around in the Golf Cart with Security
  • Cook in the Cooking Class
  • Cheer with the Cheerleaders

ASB leaders then collected all the wishes and began the task of making it happen.  They made contact with each teacher, coach, advisor, etc…and are just now in the process of making all these wishes come true.

Stay tuned for pictures and videos over the next couple of weeks.

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