Mission of Student Leadership (Why do we exist?)

  • To create stories!  We define stories as special memories or significant moments that are shared with friends, family, and future generations.

Vision of Student Leadership (What are we trying to accomplish?)

  • As a student leader, I understand that leadership STARTS with me, but it’s not about me.  That it is my responsibility to create school SPIRIT.  That I get to SERVE my campus and community and I look for ways to SHINE the spotlight on others.

Values of Student Leadership (How will we lead?)

  • STAND for a PURPOSE (Honor & Legacy)
  • START with a PLAN (Initiative & Creativity)
  • SPIRITED during the PROCESS (Enthusiasm & Commitment)
  • SERVE an extraordinary PRODUCT (Work Ethic & Exceeding Expectations)
  • SHINE the spotlight on PEOPLE (Appreciation & Relationships)

Strategy of Student Leadership 

  • Sound Team:  Creates stories by what people  HEAR
  • Outreach Team:  Creates stories by what people FEEL
  • Design Team:  Creates stories by what people SEE
  • Activities Team:  Creates stories by what people DO

Stories are created when everyone does their part.  The best stories happen when all four teams work together and create an experience that others HEAR, FEEL, SEE, and DO.