Transportation Outreach Event

This morning was amazing!  Student leaders took the initiative and organized a surprise morning for our District Transportation Department.  They arrived early, before the drivers took off on their morning routes, to greet them with donuts and coffee.

Here is an e-mail from the Head of District Transportation:

“This morning we were pleasantly greeted by members of the Tulare Western ASB with fresh cinnamon donuts and smiles.  They expressed their gratitude to the bus drivers for their service. This provided a boost in morale and was greatly appreciated by our entire transportation department.  Thank You Tulare Western ASB members and your staff for the recognition.  Hats off to each of the students for getting up early and acknowledging the bus drivers in person for their service.”

img_1488 img_1489

I encourage you to challenge your leaders to FIND A NEED (BIG OR SMALL), AND THEN FULFILL IT WITH SIMPLE ACTS.  Have a great day!