The “BODY” of a LEADER

The Feet of a Leader: represents taking the initiative.  Being willing to go first, to set the example, to take the lead, to move without being asked, to act.

The Hands of a Leader: represents a strong work ethic.  Being willing to get your hands dirty, to do the little things, to do the things nobody else wants to do, to go above and beyond want is required of one to do.

The Mouth of a Leader: represents encouraging and appreciating others.  Being willing to build others up, to encourage others, to inspire others, to motivate others with our words.

The Ears of a Leader:  represents humility.  Being willing to listen to advice, criticism, instruction, praise and acknowledgment correctly with the right mind-set and attitude.  (Oh man…help me Lord in this area.)

The Eyes of a Leader: represents vision.  Being able to see the “end”, able to see the big picture as well as the small details, being about to see the process as well as the product.

The Mind of a Leader:  represents self reflection.  Being able to self evaluate, being able to dream, being able make adjustments.  Being aware of yourself, your surroundings, and others.

The Heart of a Leader:  represents enthusiasm / passion.  Being “all in”.  Being fully committed.  Being willing to do what ever it takes to be great.