Spirit over Status Lesson

As my student leaders begin to move from the Season of Start to the Season of Spirit it’s important for them to understand the concept of SPIRIT over STATUS!

One of the best activities to teach this concept is the DICE GAME!  It may seem simple and somewhat uneventful, but 5 seconds into the game, students will be yelling, screaming, and cheering out of control.

The point that I try to make is this:  Could you imagine playing this game without yelling, screaming, and cheering?  Of course the students say NO WAY, it would be so boring.  That’s exactly what I want them to say.  I then proceed to tell them that at our events, activities, and games…if the student section does yell, scream, and go crazy then those things have same tendency to become boring.

This is a very simple game helps students understand the following:

  1. When student leaders are enthusiastic any game, event, or activities can be fun and successful.
  2. When student leaders are THERE instead of just there, the entire environment has the potential to be changed.
  3. When student leaders put themselves out there, normal everyday situations become exciting.

Best of luck creating amazing school spirit this year!

Instruction on how to play the DICE GAME!