Silent Auction Dinner & Dessert

Money!  One of the biggest problems our leadership programs face day in and day out.  We have amazing ideas, we want to do amazing things, however, everything costs money!  Here is a great way to raise 1000.00’s of dollars in ONE NIGHT!  Last year, my program was able to raise roughly 30,000 in one night during this event!  Here’s what you do:


  1. 40 Tables with 8 people per at 35.00 a ticket (320 x 35.00) = 11,200.00  (ASB Parents Host these tables and are responsible for selling their 8 tickets)
  2. 40 Donated Silent Auction Items with starting bids ranging from 40.00-100.00 with a few starting at 250.00 = 8000.00 (average 200.00 per item)
  3. Donation Envelopes.  I have 4 Passion Teams in my program (Sound/Spirit, Outreach, Design, and Activities).  My 4 team captains give a speech at the dinner and lay out their plan for the funds being donated.  Guest are then encouraged to make direct donations to the “team” of their choice.  (6000.00)
  4. Corporate Sponsors: Student Leaders approach local businesses and seek Corporate Sponsors for each of the 40 tables.  200.00 per business gives them advertisement on each table.  (8000.00)


  1. Menu:  tri-tip, chicken, rice, green beans, salad, rolls, dessert, and soft drinks (all donated)
  2. Tables, Chairs, Linens, Centerpieces (all donated)
  3. Event Venue:  find a nice beautiful location that people can enjoy themselves
  4. Alumni Speakers:  invite an alumni student to give a keynote address where they highlight how the skills and experience from ASB has helped them be successful in college and beyond
  5. Student Speakers:  have current students share about their ASB journey.
  6. Slideshow:  create a slideshow of all the amazing activities and events that their donation is helping your program do throughout the year.
  7. Student Leaders Serve: have your current leadership students act as host/hostess and waiters/waitresses