Season of SPIRIT


Our second season is the season of SPIRIT.   This season takes place during the Fall Sports season. Generally, this season starts in September and ends towards the beginning of November. The purpose of this season is to:

  • To display school SPIRIT and PRIDE.
  • To increase student INVOLVEMENT.
  • To create a FUN and ENTHUSIASTIC atmosphere on campus.
  • To meet people and foster new FRIENDSHIPS.
  • To demonstrate EXCITEMENT and ENERGY.

The key phrase that ASB students will need to understand during this season is the idea that: “The depth of your commitment, will determine the level of your excitement.”

During this season the major activities that take place include:

  • Pre-Homecoming Week
  • Homecoming Week
  • Dances and Rallies
  • Red, White, and Blue Friday’s / Face Painting Friday mornings
  • School Wide Spirit Shirts
  • Themed Football and Volleyball Games
  • Outrageous stadium decorations
  • Rivalry Week: Mission Oak
  • Bell Week and Rally: Tulare Union
  • CADA Conference
  • Fun Friday Noon-time Activities
  • Battle of the Classes Week

Throughout the duration of this season the core leadership development lessons that are taught include:

  • Passion (Know your WHY)
  • Enthusiasm (Undeniable spirit. Impression and Impact)
  • Involvement (Being there vs. THERE – 210 degrees boiling point)
  • Promotion (Promotion depicts Outcome. Signs don’t invite, people do.)
  • Positive Attitude (Thermostat vs. Thermometer. Home Court advantage)
  • Excellence (Perform for Kings / Good is the enemy of Great / Allergic to Average / Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten)