Season of SHINE


Our final season is the season of SHINE.   This season takes place during the Spring Sports season. Generally, this season starts in March and ends towards the end of May. The purpose of this season is to:

  • To SHINE the spotlight on a variety of students.
  • To provide an OPPORTUNITY for numerous talents to be put on display.
  • To APPRECIATE and RECOGNIZE students and staff.

The key phrase that ASB students will need to understand during this season is the idea that: “Leaders add value to the lives of others.”

During this season the major activities that take place include:

  • March Madness 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
  • Beach Week – Sand Beach Volleyball Tournament
  • Color Run Fundraiser
  • Color Me Rad Dodgeball
  • Senior Auction Day
  • Election Week / Selection Week
  • WEB Day (Leadership Day for 8th graders)
  • Special Ed Week / Special Olympics
  • Talent Week / Art Festival / Concert in the Greek
  • Dodge Ball Week
  • Top Chef Day
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • PRIDE Assembly
  • Pool Party / Yearbook Night
  • Western Week
  • WW BBQ
  • Lip Sync Show
  • ASB Banquet

Throughout the duration of this season the core leadership development lessons that are taught include:

  • Connection (Host vs. Guest)
  • Appreciation (Crisis Principle. Tomorrow not promised. Mayo Principle. You Matter)
  • Encouragement (Geese Principle. Hot air balloon. Home court advantage)
  • Kindness (DUDE Be. Nice)

OTHER Lessons:

  • Equip (Find your Joshua. Campaign Principle. Invite Others. Inclusion)