Questions to Consider

Day in and day out, year in and year out, leadership students are always coming up with fun activities for staff and students to participate in throughout the school year.  To ensure that our activities are top notch and have the most positive impact on campus, I have my leaders consider the following:

    • Is the activity for those NOT participating entertaining to WATCH?  It must have the WATCHABILITY factor to maximize the impact of the activity.  Activities are not just for those participating, it’s also about those watching.  If the activity is not fun or enjoyable to watch then you drastically decrease the impact it has on your campus.
    • Is the activity fun and LIKABLE to those who ARE participating?  Activities must be exciting enough that the people involved have a good time.  If those participating in the activity, say they hate it or clearly do not enjoy themselves, then you’ve lost impact.
    • RULE:  activities must be fun to watch and fun to do.  PERIOD.
    • RULE:  the amount of time, effort, energy and money student leaders put into creating an activity, must have an outcome the is equally or hopefully GREATER than the time, effort and money spent.
    • For example:  if an activity takes up a ton of time, requires a ton of effort and energy, and cost a fortune then the outcome must have a significant IMPACT on campus!  If an activity take time, effort, energy, and money and the outcome is just “so-so” or falls way below campus expectation then that activity has a damaging effect on campus culture.

So the next time your leaders are planning an event have them consider the following questions:

  1. Is the activity fun to watch?  (WATCHABILITY)
  2. Is the activity enjoyable to do?  (LIKABILITY)
  3. Will the outcome of the activity match or exceed the amount of time, effort, energy, and money we will be required to put forth?

If you can answer YES to each of the questions above, then the activity is worth doing and should be great for students, campus, and leaders!