Overcome Average

Here are 5 areas that student leaders need to overcome to move BEYOND AVERAGE:

Aimlessness = lack of goals / direction

To be a great leadership program there must be a greater sense of purpose and reason for why you do what you do.  Great leaders are not going through life aimlessly; rather they are very intentional about every aspect of their life.  Give your leadership students a TARGET to hit.  Purpose is a very motivating factor.

Boredom = lack of challenge

Great leaders love to be challenged.  Part of building a fantastic leadership program is our ability to continue to challenge our young leaders.  Without challenges, student leaders begin to get bored quickly.

Comfort = lack of adventure / newness 

Great leaders understand that amazing things are waiting for them outside their comfort zone.  We need to continue to push our students to take a risk, think of new ways of doing things, and explore opportunities outside their current comfort level.  When leaders stay too long in areas of comfort, an average mindset beings to set in.

Ego = lack of self-awareness

Great leaders realize that leadership requires a consistent evaluation of self and they are always looking for areas to improve.  Student leaders often times believe they have “arrived” and thus fail to see a need to continue to improve in areas of leadership.  We need to continually remind them that leadership is a lifelong journey.

Fear = lack of confidence

Great leaders are not afraid of failure.  If you are going to be a great leader then failure is part of the process.  Average leaders play it safe.