Ontario High School – Implementation

How did you transition from “the old way” into implementing the Four Seasons of ASB structure and organization?

The Four Seasons of ASB “way” is everything that I’ve wanted for our program but couldn’t wrap my head around HOW to get there.  For the last eight years, I wanted better organization and more focus on community service, helping others and moving beyond blowing up balloons and making posters.

We still blow up balloons and make posters, but our emphasis and values are not in those tasks alone, they are part of what we do but not all that we do. OHS ASB program has been altered in many many ways. Our structure and organization have completely changed.  We are now organized according to the Four Seasons of ASB.  We have completely done away with “commissioners” (which I love), we have squads and squad leaders… who are still my eboard members, so I still have an Eboard, President Vice President, etc.

Honestly, I think the biggest and best change is that we now have a focus on community service and helping others and that is what I have wanted all along for our leaders and for them to see and experience the change they can make on our campus and in our world.

The change was definitely met reluctantly with last year’s seniors so structurally wise we still had a few commissioner positions but for the most part, I got rid of all of them.  I had a TON of questions from my juniors and seniors of how we were going to “do this and that” and really I told them… we are learning together. I think having Stephen and his students hold a leadership day at our camps on a Saturday, last year, really helped because they were able to hear from him on WHAT exactly we were striving for and they weren’t just hearing me say… “Four seasons is really really cool” and make changes… once they experienced the “Leadership Day”… they understood. Change slowly took effect.

This is our second year as a Four Seasons school. Complete buy-in and ownership have been fulfilled this year. Last year was slow, again because the kids didn’t want to give up the control and the “what we’ve always done”!  But this year has been incredible.

Jen Munoz – ASB Advisor at Ontario High School

For More information:  please contact Stephen at:  stephen@fourseasonsofasb.com