Motivation Levels

The whiteboard today has these three words:  COMPLIANT.  OBLIGATED.  OPPORTUNITY.

I think it is important that our leaders understand the stages of MOTIVATION.

Leaders that are Compliant:  these types of leaders will NOT last.  Essentially these student leaders are just responding to the demands, rules, or will of the advisor.

Leaders that lead out of Obligation:  these types of leaders are taking a step in the right direction because they feel some responsibility, but still, in the end, their mindset is more of a HAVE TO versus a GET TO.

Leaders that see the Opportunity:  these types of leaders need little or zero external support.  They see their leadership role as an opportunity to serve, to give back, to make a difference, to create school spirit.  These types of leaders are self-motivated to go above and beyond.

3 Ways to get your leaders to SEE the OPPORTUNITY:

  1. Leadership Starts with You, but it’s Not About You:  help student leaders see the bigger picture in why they do what they do.
  2. Bigger than Self Cause:  help student leaders understand that leadership needs to be about something bigger than themselves.
  3. Plug into your Passion:  help student leaders find something that they are passionate about and then encourage them to use that passion to serve (lead) others.

I hope this helps!  I know that in order to build great programs we need leaders who lead from OPPORTUNITY, not obligation or compliance.