March Madness

One of the most anticipated activities during the Season of Shine is March Madness!  This past year we had 24 teams signed up to participate in an outdoor 3 on 3 basketball tournament that takes place during lunch time.  To make the teams far and balanced, no team can have more than one varsity basketball player.

To cap off the week on Friday the student champs take on the Staff Squad.  This game is always the most entertaining and is the highlight of the week.

Quick Overview:

  • We bring in hay to create the outdoor courts.  Also students use the hay as seating.
  • We bring in small bleachers for seating as well.
  • Two portable hoops.
  • Pop-Up Tents for shade
  • Gatorade stand for free refreshments
  • Oversized bracket so students and staff can see the tournament progress throughout the week.

Check out some pictures and video from the event: