Leadership in Opposites


STAND for a PURPOSE:  honor those who came before you, leave a legacy for those coming after you.

  • Contender vs. Pretender (STAND)
  • Motivator vs. Wander (PURPOSE)

START with a PLAN:  take the initiative and create new and better stories.

  • Leader vs. Follower (START)
  • Creator vs. Consumer (PLAN)

Be SPIRITED during the PROCESS:  be enthusiastic and follow through on the commitments you make.

  • Energizer vs. Complainer (SPIRITED)
  • Finisher vs. Quitter (PROCESS)

SERVE an extraordinary PRODUCT:  go the 2nd mile and create WOW moments.

  • Server vs. Observer (SERVE)
  • Achiever vs. Attempter (PRODUCT)

SHINE the spotlight on PEOPLE:  show your appreciation of others and build family-like relationships.

  • Encourager vs. Discourager (SHINE)
  • Connector vs. Isolator (PEOPLE)