Job Skills in 2020 – How are you preparing your leaders?



The TOP TEN job skills that people need in the year 2020 include the following:

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordinating with Others
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Decision Making
  8. Service Orientation
  9. Negotiation Skills
  10. Cognitive Flexibility

The leadership development skills associated with Four Seasons of ASB include the following:

  1. Leadership  (Leader)
  2. Creativity  (Creator)
  3. Enthusiasm  (Energizer)
  4. Commitment  (Finisher)
  5. Work Ethic  (Server)
  6. Exceeding Expectations  (Achiever)
  7. Appreciation / Recognition of Others  (Encourager)
  8. Building Relationships  (Connector)

The Four Seasons of ASB align perfectly with the Job Skills needed in 2020:

  1. Job Skill:  Decision Making  |  Four Seasons: Leadership (Leader)
  2. Job Skill:  Creativity  |  Four Seasons:  Creativity (Creator)
  3. Job Skill:  People Management  |  Four Seasons:  Enthusiasm (Energizer)
  4. Job Skill:  Negotiation Skills  |  Four Seasons:  Commitment (Finisher)
  5. Job Skill:  Service Orientation  |  Four Seasons:  Work Ethic (Server)
  6. Job Skill:  Cognitive Flexibility  |  Four Seasons:  Exceeding Expectations (Achiever)
  7. Job Skill:  Coordinating with Others  |  Four Seasons:  Appreciation / Recognition (Encourager)
  8. Job Skill:  Emotional Intelligence  |  Four Seasons:  Building Relationships (Connector)
  9. Job Skill:  Problem Solving  |  Four Seasons:  Leadership (Leader)
  10. Job Skill:  Critical Thinking  |  Four Seasons:  Leadership (Leader)

Quick example of a recent event:  Feed the Need 2016

Feed the Need Project is a day that is set aside for student leaders to feed and clothe the homeless in Tulare.  The following 2020 Job Skills where used to complete this event:

  1. Creativity:  student leaders had to be creative in their ability to raise money for this project.  In doing so they created No Shave November.  This fundraiser earned over 3000.00 to fund this entire project and more.
  2. People Management:  team captains had to make sure that each leader took care of their assigned job.  Whether it was setting up tables, organizing clothing tubs, setting out the food and drinks, distributing hygiene packs, etc…
  3. Coordinating Others:  student leaders had to manage 70 high school students, 12 GATE students, 20 staff members and parents, drivers, helpers at the pizza place, as well as the homeless people in need who were trying to get food and clothing.
  4. Emotional Intelligence:  student leaders had to be aware of their own thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as, the people with whom they were serving.
  5. Decision Making:  student leaders had to make several decisions based on the amount of supplies left per each location we stopped at.
  6. Negotiation:  student leaders had to negotiate getting this event approved and accepted to ensure that everyone would be safe.
  7. Cognitive Flexibly:  student leaders had to multi-task and had to be able to move from one situation to the next instantly.
  8.  Problem Solving:  student leaders had to figure out how to maximize the amount of supplies we to last us throughout the entire day to make sure each person in need received enough food and clothes.
  9. Service Orientation:  student leaders engaged in community service throughout the month of November to prepare for the entire day of service and giving back.

Check out a video from this years Feed the Need Project (this video was created and produced entirely by students)