How to START?

Leaders as we begin to “START” the 2017-2018 season, here are three things you need to do in order to be successful:

  1. LEARN YOUR POSITION:  get to know everything you can and more, about the TEAM you will be serving on.  Talk to leaders who are currently on that team.  Get to know what it takes to be successful on that team.  Search online and social media.  Get a binder.  Get a notebook.  Learn everything you can about the team you are on.  (Sound, Outreach, Design, Activities, Captains)
  2. SET YOUR VISION:  When you consider the opportunity to serve in a student leadership position, you begin to imagine all of the things you could do in that position. You see yourself in it. What do you hope to accomplish next year?  How will you “create” stories for staff, students, and community next year?  What are your crazy, stupid, life changing ideas?  What will you “add to the slide?”  How will you be remembered?  What mark will you leave behind?  When there is NO VISION, my people perish.
  3. STATE YOUR EXPECTATIONS:  What are your expectations for yourself?  For next years class?  What are you going to do to exceed those expectations?

Leaders do what they can, with what they have, in the moment in which they have been given.

  1. Do what you can!
  2. With what you have!
  3. In the moment you’ve been given!

For those that “get it” this message is inspiring.  You are reading this and you feel motivated to go after it and make next year amazing.

Those that “don’t get it” are reading this and you are confused.  You don’t have any ideas for next year.  You don’t feel motivated at all.  To those leaders, I say this…”Tulare Western ASB is more than a class, more than a program, we are a group of leaders that are trying to exceed expectations in our SPIRIT and SERVICE.  ASB is bigger than US.  ASB is just the vehicle we use to help change lives, impact people, and create stories for ourselves and others.”