Find Your Joshua

Leaders must learn to model, mentor, monitor, and multiply.  One of the greatest leaders of all time was Moses.  He was a mighty leader for the nation of Israel.  He lead them out of slavery, through the desert, and to the banks of the Jordan River.  His ultimate goal was to bring the people of Israel to the promised land, however he knew he’d never be able to make it.

Interesting enough the nation of Israel entered the promised land without missing a beat and they accomplished this without the leader, Moses.  


Moses understood the importance of multiplying other leaders.  For several years Moses had equipped and trained a man named Joshua.  Moses modeled leadership, mentored him along the way, monitored his grow as a leader, and eventually turned over all that he had to Joshua, thus multiplying himself as a leader.

Once Moses passed away, Joshua took the reins of leadership and led the people across the Jordan River and into the Promised Land.  Joshua was capable, prepared, and able to lead well.

The only problem with Joshua was he never multiplied another “Joshua”.  Joshua never duplicated himself, he never trained up the next generation of leaders.  Sadly, when Joshua died, the people of Israel entered into the worst period of their history!

For programs to continue to be successful over an extended period of time, leaders must find a “Joshua”!  To build a program of greatness, leaders must multiply.  The key to long term success is determined by a leader’s ability to build up and train the next generation of leaders.

Find your Joshua!