FEED the NEED 2016

FEED the NEED 2016

The goal this year is to have student leaders from all over the country participate in some sort of Feed the Need Event on Monday, December 19th!

If you are not familiar with Feed the Need Project, it’s basically a day in which student leaders reach out to the homeless within the community and provide them with food and clothing.

At Tulare Western, we’ve done a couple of different Feed the Need Projects.  One year we provided soup for the homeless.  Then the last couple of years, we have partnered up with a local pizza parlor to offer pizza to the homeless.  There really isn’t any specific “food” to provide, we just want to help out the homeless in a meaningful way.

We would love to see your student leaders get involved in giving back to their community through the Feed the Need Project.

If you are considering joining us this year, please take a minute and fill out this online form!

Spirit before Status, Service before Self!

Past Feed the Need Project Documentaries: