This week we are doing DUDE BE NICE Week.  Here are some ideas that we are doing this week.  I hope these ideas inspire you to do something similar!

  • DBN Staff Tribute / Video Surprise
  • DBN Leadership Bingo Challenge
  • STAR Booth (Write a student or staff member an encouraging notes to brighten up their day)
  • Campus Decorations with Posters, Flyers, and Banners
  • Take What You Need Compliment Wall
  • Night Custodial Staff Surprise Dinner
  • Campus Giving Tree with School Supplies attached to branches
  • Random Acts of Kindness Student Luncheon
  • Breakfast Burritos for Campus Security
  • Lifesaver Packs for Police, Firefighters, Veterans, and Nurses in the Community
  • Morning Break and Lunchtime Trash Pick Up
  • Selling Custom DUDE BE NICE shirts
  • Dress Up Days All Week
    • Never too old to be Kind (Elderly)
    • Kindness Cures (Doctor / Nurse)
    • Twice as Nice (Twin)
    • Be Kind, Be Spirited (DBN Shirts / Red, White, Blue)

At the start of our DUDE BE NICE week…we actually received a personalized video from DBN, CEO Brett Camalich:

DUDE BE NICE Staff Tribute Video Surprise:

Here are some pictures from today.  More will be posted this week on our Instagram account: @fourseasonsofasb