There is a great story about four guys who had a friend who as paralyzed. They wanted to see their friend healed, so they had a great idea. Their idea was to carry their friend to this well-known person who was famous for healing people. However, when they arrived to the location, the place was packed. There were people everywhere inside the house and overflowing into the streets. The four friends found away to overcome this obstacle. They carried their friend onto the roof and dug a hole and lowered their friend to the very feet of the healer. Ultimately, they’re friend was healed and everyone was amazed!

Initiative is defined as, “the spirit needed to originate action.” How does a leader acquire that spirit? How does one become the sort of person who originates actions? The most productive thing a leader can do is to train himself or herself to think ahead. A leader has been described as a person who sees more than others see, who sees further than others see, and who sees before others do.


#1: Leaders understand that taking the initiative starts with them, but it’s not about them. Being a leader means that although the idea, activity, event, etc…may start with you, it can’t be about you. Leadership always involves others. Leadership is not proud. It is not selfish. It is not self-serving. Leadership is putting the needs of others before your own. Leadership starts with you…with you having an idea…with you taking action…with you follow-through…but it’s never about you.

#2: Taking the initiative requires “KNOWING” what needs to be done before anyone else. Before someone has to ask you or remind you. Effective leaders just simply KNOW what needs to be done and they do it. They don’t sit around and wait to be asked or told or reminded…effective leaders just KNOW.

#3: Taking the initiative requires “SEEING” a solution to a problem or obstacle when nobody else sees it. Effective leaders are able to diagnose a situation and see logical solution to the problem. They are able to see two or three steps ahead of everyone else.

#4: Taking the initiative requires “DOING” something. It’s never enough to KNOW and to SEE without ever DOING something. Effective leaders act. Not only do they act, they follow-through all the way to completion. They finish the task at hand with excellence.

#5: The result of leaders who take the initiative is creating WOW moments for others.