Did you know that in your leadership class you have leaders with 4 different types of work ethic?


  1. Mapping:  this type of work is the planning and preparing of events or activities (Vision)
  2. Making:  this type of work is the actual doing and producing of an event or activity (Action)
  3. Meshing:  this type of work is the improving and developing of events or activities to make them better (Reflection)


  1. Meshing + Mapping – Making = DREAMER  (This type of student leader looks to make improves and loves to plan ideas, but lacks the ability to put their ideas into action.
  2. Making + Meshing – Mapping = DRIFTER  (This type of student leader loves to DO and enjoys making improvements, but lacks in the area of planning.  Therefore, they will often drift from one thing to another and never really accomplishes much.
  3. Mapping + Making – Meshing = DRIVER (This type of student leader is great at planning and is equally great at doing, but lacks the ability to make improvements.  They are overly confident and therefore struggle to listen to the ideas of others.
  4. Mapping + Making + Meshing = DEVELOPER  (This type of student leader understands the value of PLANNING, DOING, and REFLECTING.  They truly develop themselves, others, and events into greatness.

(Adapted from Todd Henry’s book Die Empty)


  1. Have a whole-class discussion about each of the 4 types of leaders.
  2. Have students arrange themselves into groups based on the type of leader they identify with most.
  3. Have students have a small group discussion about why they identify most with the type of leader they picked.
  4. Have student set personal goals on how they can improve in other areas to ultimately become a DEVELOPER.
  5. Share whole class.