Daily Themes

How can you become more productive and successful as an Activities Director?

I’ve been asking myself this question over the last few months and in the process, I came across the concept of creating Daily Themes!  Highly successful and productive people, like the CEO of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey, suggest creating daily themes to maximize our time and focus.

I am in the beginning stages of implementing this concept in my leadership program, but at this point here are my daily themes:

  • Motivation Monday:  every Monday I will show a motivational video clip or share some sort of motivational story to set the tone for the week ahead.
  • Training Tuesday:  every Tuesday I will use this time to teach a specific lesson that will focus on leadership development.
  • Worth It Wednesday:  every Wednesday I will have scheduled meetings with a few leaders (different leaders each week) to point out positive things they are doing in the area of leadership.
  • Team Building Thursday:  every Thursday I will have students leaders engage in some sort of team building activity to strengthen the bond between one another.
  • Family Friday:  every Friday I will have a different student leader share their “story” of opportunities and obstacles.

My hope is that being more intentional with my time, it will result in a greater leadership experience for my students and a better overall program.  I will keep you posted!