Character Matters

No matter how well you master the skill sets of leadership, they will be worth little if you lack character. Leaders reproduce who they are, not what they do. 

A leader must live a life worth being replicated. If you are a leader, people watch you! This is a good thing, if you are living a life worth watching. So often a leaders life is negatively described as a “fishbowl” because inside the fish bowl the fish can always be seen by others. This is only negative if we have to pretend and behave differently than we would if no one was looking. 

Integrity always prevails over personality. A person may have amazing charisma or work ethic, but in the end character will determine his or her success as a leader. 

Few things reveal a breakdown in character more than when a leader doesn’t live by the standard they preach about!

Leaders with character do not set themselves above the people. They roll up their sleeves, get involved, and show the way. Those of us who are leaders model leadership with our words, our actions, our attitude, our choices, and our behavior. So we must live in a way that is worthy of the high calling of leadership. This is not about perfection; it’s about having a heart that is sold out for leading the right way!