Bust a Move

I want you to think back to every Junior High / Middle School dance that you can remember. (I know…awkward already just thinking about it.) 

How many of you are like me…you attended every dance, but never actually danced? You did all the pre-dance preparations. Deodorant check! Fresh outfit check! Hair looking good check! Breath smellin good check! Parents dropping you off in the parking lot as far from the dance entrance as possible check! You were set…ready to dance the night away.

Despite all your effort and preparation, once you actually entered the cafeteria (aka Da Club) you did everything EXCEPT DANCE. Instead, you stood on the wall watching the few brave souls dancing. On occasion you actually made fun of those dancing, even though there was no way you were going to get out there on the dance floor.

How many of us live our life much like this scenario? We prepare, prepare, and prepare…but we NEVER actually dance. We are more than willing to attend the dance (life), but we are not willing to get of the wall.

Once we show up at the dance we have a choice to make: are we going to stand against the wall watching others bust a move or are we going to get out there on the dance floor ourselves!

Despite being comfortable against the wall, LIFE (the dance) is much more exciting when we take risk. When we break out of our comfort-zones. When we do more than we ever thought we could possibly do.

What is keeping you ON THE WALL? What is holding you back? 

L.E.A.P. of the Wall:

1. Let go of your fears

2. Exceed your own expectations

3. Accept challenges and set-backs

4. Participate fully

Bust a Move!