Keep Watering



START with a PLAN.  Be SPIRITED during the PROCESS.  SERVE and extraordinary PRODUCT.  SHINE the spot-light on PEOPLE.

The story of BAMBOO is a great example of PROCESS to PRODUCT:

There’s a story about a Chinese farmer who is struggling to provide for himself and his family.

One day, he comes across a man who tells him that if he buys these seeds, the man opens his hand to reveal dozens of tiny beige colored seeds, all his worries will be over.‘These seeds will grow into towering Bamboo trees that will provide all you will need to sustain yourself and your family for the rest of your days’. The man says.

The farmer, a bit dubious of this strange man’s claims doesn’t see any other way out of his already dire circumstances so buys the seeds and gets to work on planting them.

After planting the seeds, he spends his days carrying water from the river to where he had planted the seeds and watering them.

He continues this process for weeks, then months.


All his other crops were growing fine, but these bamboo seeds refused to grow.

A whole year goes by and the farmer has spent everyday watering the seeds, but yet no sign of any growth or even life from the seeds he had brought off the man.

But the farmer, keeping faith, continued to water the seeds, daily.

Eventually people of the town began to hear about this strange farmer who had planted strange seeds and nothing was growing. They began laughing and mocking him ; calling him crazy.

‘Just give up. You’ve been watering those seeds for 3 years now. Nothing is going to happen, you’ve been sold faulty seeds and a pipe-dream’ said the town.

The farmer ignored them and continued the process of watering the seeds.

5 years had passed and there was still no sign of a Bamboo tree, or any life from the ground where he had planted the seeds, years ago.

By this point, despondent, the farmer waters the seeds one more time and decides that enough is enough. He curses the man who had duped him and sold him the seeds and heads home.

The next day the town is awoken by screaming from the farmer’s house, and gather to see what the ‘crazy old man’ was up to now.

When the town shows up to the farmer’s crop field, there, in the ground where the farmer had planted the seeds they see green sprouts bursting out.

The bamboo trees were finally growing.

Within the next 6 weeks the bamboo trees had grown 90 feet.

After 5 excruciating years of hard work and doubt, the farmers perseverance had paid off.

The key to leadership:  KEEP WATERING.  Too often we give up on our ideas.  Too often we want to bypass the process and just get to the product.  DREAM BIG, start small, and be ridiculously faithful.