ASB Babysitting Night for TW Staff


  1. Contact staff members- schedule a time
  2. Purchase food (for example: cookies/gingerbread houses) for the kids to create
  3. (Optional) purchase inexpensive toys for the kids to take home
  4. Pre-order additional dinner for the kids to enjoy (EX: pizza)
  5. Create coloring books or create/purchase other art activities
  6. Collect tables & set up to put food, coloring books, etc. on as stations
  7. Bring in an appropriate kids movie & project on a projector screen
  8. Determine an appropriate game the kids can participate in (EX: Simon Says)
  9. Purchase prizes for kids to win for the game


  1. Students team up with kids & take them to all the stations to create (for example: gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, color in coloring books, snowflakes,etc.)
  2. After the kids have created what they want, guide them to eat dinner
  3. Kids can watch the movie as they eat
  4. After they eat play a game that will get all children involved


  1. Wait for parents to arrive for their child
  2. Clean up